ToH Age of Rebellion

Twelfth Session

Fly, you fools!

As we exit the main hangar in 3 ships, we hear an announcement – “The final transport is leaving the hangar, all available pilots please act as escort.”

As we exit the hangar, we are met by a group of TIEs, and a long-ish battle ensues! 

Afterwards… there’s still a really unfortunate number of death triangles up in the sky. We do, however, manage to escape before death starts raining down.

We rendezvous with the Rebel fleet in the Eedoq system – after some waiting…

There’s a bit of a stirring speech, and we’re summoned into a meeting with a fleet commander – Setenna Hass. She tells us there’s a fallback plan, and…. It’s on a swampy hellhole. Yay us?

We took out Darkblade Squadron, as it ended up. They damaged us good, but we KILLED ‘em.


ryantrottierp daveqat

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