ToH Age of Rebellion

Thirteenth Session

The Ghost Ships

We start out en route to the new Rebel base, “Resolute Base” in Jagomir. During travel time, various XP expenditures happen.

We’re making the jump sequence into the cluster masking the base when we’re dropped out of hyperspace by the proximity alarm – some kind of very large mass is in our way. We are in the Black, with nothing else in sight under the cold stars.

Yan is in the cockpit, and uses the sensors – there’s actually two ships that seemingly collided. There are fluctuating and weak electrical signals, no life sensors. They are broadcasting an SOS

It seems that the ships collided in hyperspace, fusing together. One is a Space Truck, one is unknown. 

We pull into the hangar bay on the unknown ship – live support, including gravity, are online. The ship’s records from the isolated terminal indicate the accident happened around 50 years ago.

We all depart our ship, and go to leave, but the door is dead. After it gets cranked open, we slowly make our way to the bridge. As we go, we encounter droids behaving in VERY fucked-up ways – repeatedly polishing the floor in rooms that are exposed to vacuum, welding themselves into bulkheads, etc. Some are doing actual useful labor, but the whole thing is creepy. The lights also tend to go on in big, chunking sections, then short out their power conduits and go dark.

As we get closer to the bridge, the lights get more stable. That door doesn’t open for us, but Tuka is able to open it. Inside there’s an empty bridge, with no bodies. There’s one combat droid present.

Yan tries to turn on the engineering console, and the … hyperdrive starts to spool up. The droid also comes to life, repeatedly asking “Who are you?” And “why are you here?” And responding with “You don’t belong here.” in an endless loop.

The droid gets beheaded, and everybody starts booking it for Engineering, where Yan hopes to disable the hyperdrive. All the droids on the ship have gone hostile, although their ability to interfere with us is pretty minimal. They get angrier and angrier as we have to kill them, but aren’t able to do much.

When we get to engineering, the door doesn’t open all the way. Yan and Tuka jump inside, while the others wait outside and hold off the angry droid horde. Inside, Yan is able to disable the hyperdrive while keeping the power on!

We head for the armory on board, and end up prying the door open(with two threat), as we have to close for the night.


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