ToH Age of Rebellion

Ninth Session

A title crawl? Aw, shit.

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, we’d stolen a ship and were on our way back to the base.

We’ve hit the 100 Duty barrier, so we level up with the Rebellion, getting promotions and some land-travel gear TBD.

While back in base…

Res is working on his jetpack flying.

Dir Lop is helping out with the ship, and is getting his e-web back.

Tuka hangs out, talking to Urel.

Morduu – is drinking and collecting rumors.

Cado helps with the ship, throws rocks at Res, and keeps an eye on Dir Lop.

Yan helps out with the ship, and does research on technologies that might help the Rebellion.

The Jade Dragon gets all fixed up, and we’re assigned to what should be a milk run to the ruins of Alderaan. 

We make it there safely, and launch a tribute capsule in the specified manner.

Our contact ship arrives, and we grab a bunch of supplies, and head back to Arda One. When we approach the Gauntlet(entrance to the base) the music changes, and…


The transponders that normally guide us through the Gauntlet are down, so we have to fly in using Visual Flight Rules – en route, we get attacked by the lizards that live in the canyon – 3 meters tall with a rumored ability to spit acid, and wings, because fuck you that’s why. Doran-Enok, is what they’re called.

Yan and Res come up with a plan to blast the Doran-Enok with radio waves, as they seem to communicate and/or emit RF frequencies.

Back at the base, it’s not the lizards fucking with the comms, it’s something else. This could be linked to the Imperial hunt for the ongoing rebellion. We’re sent out on small speeders for patrol. While on patrol, we discover a small Imperial-marked device that is the source of the jamming. We phone it in to base, and are ordered to investigate another anomaly in a different sector. That turns out to be one of the same espionage droids seen in Ep. V, and after we kill it, an Imperial assault force appears – complete with Star Destroyers. 

6 large transports are ending at the end of the Gauntlet, disgorging troops. TIE Bombers are incoming. Two squadrons of regular TIE Fighters. The Imperial Transports are Theta-class AT-AT carriers, each with one walker aboard. One squadron of TIEs includes some of the new Interceptor models. 

We report this in and are ordered to haul ass back to base. Yan and Rys manage to turn the Imperial beacon back on, and toss it out to try to rile up the lizards to give the Imperials a warm welcome.

We make it back to the base, and it’s an anthill swarm of activity. The entire base is scrambling to begin evacuating, since nobody wants to be here when the Imperials actually arrive.


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