ToH Age of Rebellion

Eleventh Session

No boom today - big boom tomorrow, though.

We arrive back at the hangar bay, and there’s a mad scramble in progress – everyone is trying to pack up as much crap as possible while Rebel troopers advance towards the fighting, which is going to be RIGHT BEHIND US any moment now.

There’s some combat, and we kill a lot of sand troopers!

Tuka notices someone in a rebel uniform attaching another of those weird transmitters to a wall, and she snags it.

We encounter the retired spy/bartender who drops off the plot hook! He tells us the Rebel commanders are unwilling to follow protocol and evacuate while they have the chance.

“Mandalorian Extraction” is the designated term for force-rescuing someone when they’re stupid. Thankfully, that’s a fairly easy process, and they agree to skedaddle. As we escort our designees to their shuttle, we run into a mook who tasks us with setting the base’s generators to self-destruct.

The party reunites, and we take off to the generators. As Yan sets things to go boom, the C&C room fill up with Sand Troopers. Yan seals the blast doors, and the party escapes through some ventilation ducts.

We encounter a commander-type stormtrooper with some backup, but he didn’t bring nearly enough army with him, and they all die fairly painfully.

Back at the hangar, we split up into a few ships. Jade, an X-Wing, and an A-Wing. 


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