Rys Itera

Mandalorian Medic


Career: Solider
Specialization: Medic
Species: Mandalorian
Duty: Personnel

BR: 2
AG: 3
INT: 4
CUN: 2
WIL: 2
PR: 2


Rys comes from a Mandalorian clan with a history of standing against the dark side. He was in training to join the Protectors as a field medic when the Empire moved in and seized control of the planet. The Clans who spoke up or attempted to fight were scattered. As the scion of his house, Rys’ parents sent him into hiding in the Outer Rim.

He joined up with the Rebellion after encountering an injured Cado Teraan. He pulled him to safety and got him stabilized. Cado brought Rys with him to the extraction point. Tired of running and hiding, Rys agreed to go with Cado and joined his crew.

Rys Itera

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