ToH Age of Rebellion

Tenth Session

Boom today! And probably boom tomorrow!


We arrive at our base as the Imperial forces start coming in. Our communicators ping as our ship is getting refueled/serviced, and we’re sent to navigate a bunch of tunnels, set up explosives, and get ready to crush the incoming AT-ATs with landslides.

The tunnels are tricky, and we’re asked for help by soldiers caught in a landslide, as Imperial attacks rain down.

We briefly split the party, with Ry and Morduu staying behind to help the landslide. The rest of the party encounters a Doran-Enok(Lizard of Unusual Size), and kill it. 

We find some gunner seats, and Dir Lop pew pews!

We make it to the right place for the boom boom, and take out 4 AT-ATs out of the 6 that are approaching.

The Sand Troopers emerge from the AT-ATs, and take fire from our antipersonnel weapons, before we return to the hangar to GTFO Dodge.


ryantrottierp daveqat

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