ToH Age of Rebellion

Sixth Session

Humor and skulduggery

Last game, we were ordered to find out who was responsible for the droid attack.

There was a modified restraining bolt from TTC on all of the affected droids, which seems like our best lead.

Teagan is in the Quimar Sector, and has a huge business in protocol droids. Teagan Tech Consortium just released its new model, a soft-shelled protocol droid marketed as a human-like android. The main race are the “short and mysterious Devon”, and their hearing mechanism is completely different from most species.

We navigate there uneventfully, and the spaceport seems disproportionately large for the planet – perhaps an attempt to bring in large cargo ships. Also, only natives and a LOT of droids around. A loooooot. 

We get to TTC, and a very helpful salesperson is… very puzzled by our request. He is able to verify that the “restraining” bolt we have is one of their products, but had been modified post-manufacture by its customer. A minor bribe, and we get the name of the buyer – Kwymar Automation LTD, here on Teagan. 

Kwymar is carefully groomed to appear deserted, but there are subtle clues that the place is active. Tuka and the sneaky sorts get inside, and see on the security system that the captain that sold us the droids had picked them up from Kwymar.

We infiltrate the warehouse, noisily, and sneak into attack position. A protocol droid orders us to come out with our hands up, and we settle for coming up with weapons drawn. We start shooting -blindly. And NOBODY manages to nail their perception check. “Holy shit, they have a rancor!” “That’s not a rancor, it’s a Sarlacc!” “You’re both wrong – it’s A FUCKING AT-AT!” We can’t see shit, but we still shoot well – and obliterate 4 protocol droids. The last remaining one has a full C-3PO hissy fit and freaks out running towards a very shiny shuttlecraft.

A zany chase ensues, with the droid running for the shuttle, Cado running after the droid, and Rys running after them both… meeting a squad of 5 Stormtroopers who were coming down the ramp to aid the droids.

There’s a heated shootout, and things get REALLY hairy when reinforcements come in – although the tide turns again when the first mate flees with the shuttle, the goods, and his pride. But we do capture the captain of the crew that sold us the droids. Except she’s not really a pirate, she’s an Imperial lieutenant in Intelligence – Hura Kogler, daughter of legendary Imperial Intelligence officer Hyndis Kogler. Her father will kill us if he catches us, so we take her with us!

We get a lot of useful data, and Alliance High Command rewards us with congratulations and commendations. And no money! No, we get money. 750 credits, most of us get +10 Duty, and +15XP.


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