ToH Age of Rebellion

Seventh Session

Clipboards are magic!

We’re being sent after the Perlemian Haul, a collection of rumors about a top secret Imperial trade convoy.

We’re to go to Martle Station and try to infiltrate a specific ship in the convoy – M-226. The target will be specified by Ryan later. It’s supposedly carrying a captured Rebel intelligence team, who achieved their primary objective but were captured on the way out.

Martle Station is a shithole around an even worse planet. An ancient platform has a small garrison, a small squad of TIE fighters, and corrupt officials. 

When we land on the station, Passik’s Oddities is where we’re pointed for … things. The owner is friendly, and our contact. He has uniforms for Imperial officers – lieutenants. 

Yan and Tuka bluff their way into the Imperial command center on the station, namedropping like mad, and get access to the command center. Everyone responds to barked orders, a clipboard, and names of superiors, after all… Tuka walks around, lifting data pads and getting data that will be useful to the Rebellion. Yan pokes at computer terminals while Jade raids everything it can get its hands on. There will be a large cargo transfer in approx. 10 hours. 

People do some shopping, then we get some sleep. 

The next day, we smuggle a remote-activated bomb into a cargo container full of paper goods, and seem to successfully stow away inside an empty one – we moved, and as far as we can tell, we’re on our target, M-226.


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