ToH Age of Rebellion

Fourth Session

When Droids Attack!

We meet with General Kraken via holo-communicator back on the Shadow Raptor. We’re thanked for our job(“You don’t know how badly we needed those droids.” We’re to be sent back to Arda 1, when the ship scrambles and its hyperdrive engages.

When the engines silence, the protocol droid in the room attacks us. We dog pile it, and then its head gets slagged. It was one of the droids that WE brought… And we’re locked in.

Before Yan can call to the bridge, it calls us, and a Lt. Hastings tells us that things are OK-ish… No, they’re not. We’re in a slow but uncontrolled descent towards a black hole, and life support + the engines are currently disabled. We also hear the ship become seized by the rest of the droids, in the game of the Galactic Empire…

The Captain calls us, and tells us the ship CANNOT enter Imperial hands. Yan rolls very well on engineering, and at least makes a good guess on how to repair Life Support, as a primary objective. Others – re-enable engines, disable Comms array, evacuate vessel, or if need be scuttle. 

Sneakily we sneak to the turbolifts, which don’t work, then down the ladders to Life Support. Dirlop deactivates the droids we find there, and we free the LS engineers. Reese patches them up, and the rest of the team works on getting the life support back online. We do it, although it’s not a great job, then begin the long climb up to Comms. 

In Secondary Comms, we disable one and blow up another droid. The general alarm/abandon ship notification is triggered, the comms folks are told to evacuate, and… we see a Y-wing shooting at the escape capsules. Tuka and Yan hack an R2 unit to talk the Y-wings into returning to hangar.

The crew get really fired up, and Leeroy Jenkins Primary Comms. They mostly die, but take out a few droids in the process. We are able to eliminate the rest of the droids, and get our distress signal out. The techs are EXTREMELY reluctant to destroy the Comms Array, but they are willing to arm up and barricade themselves inside. 

We see a droid take an escape pod to the aft section, where the engines are, and this gives us an idea. Yan pilots the pod, landing it on some unloader droids, but also noticed that the black hole outside is getting UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE.


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