ToH Age of Rebellion

Fourteenth Session


We return in media res, with most of the party trying to hold off waves of zombie droids. It takes a lot of running and some important lessons about how ammo works in the SWAOR ‘verse, but we do manage to fight our way free, getting back to our beautiful, beautiful ship.

Yan pilots the Dragon out of the death ship, and jumps to light speed just as weapons arrays start to come online and target us.

The team arrives at Jagomir(with a Y), and it’s a swampy hellhole with flying lizard things! 

We spend some time trying to help build the base, etc. 

We get sent to meet with Commander Quarno. He compliments us for how much crap we got done on Arda, and are sent to the MedBay to check in on our scouts – they were attacked by some… thing out in the swamp mists.

The party receives 4 emergency repair packs, one backpack satphone, 2 stimpacks, and 1 unit of antivenom, and we head out!

Splish, splash, yay swamp! Until we get attacked by giant centipedes! And then it’s no longer fun… We fight ‘em off, with a lot of painful fighting, and it’s possibly a hive that the scouts disturbed the nest of.

When we get back, the bartender, Urel Hayden, asks for an update and gives us a new lead. 

Back in the base, we explore various options for advancing our investigation. We also modify our speeder van, adding a turret-mounted antipersonnel weapon! It’s jerry-rigged as fuck, and couldn’t POSSIBLY ever go wrong!

The secretary, Haaot, is still our primary suspect. Active approaches appear not to have a lot of success… The next time, we’re gonna try bugging his commlink!


ryantrottierp daveqat

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