ToH Age of Rebellion

Eleventh Session
No boom today - big boom tomorrow, though.

We arrive back at the hangar bay, and there’s a mad scramble in progress – everyone is trying to pack up as much crap as possible while Rebel troopers advance towards the fighting, which is going to be RIGHT BEHIND US any moment now.

There’s some combat, and we kill a lot of sand troopers!

Tuka notices someone in a rebel uniform attaching another of those weird transmitters to a wall, and she snags it.

We encounter the retired spy/bartender who drops off the plot hook! He tells us the Rebel commanders are unwilling to follow protocol and evacuate while they have the chance.

“Mandalorian Extraction” is the designated term for force-rescuing someone when they’re stupid. Thankfully, that’s a fairly easy process, and they agree to skedaddle. As we escort our designees to their shuttle, we run into a mook who tasks us with setting the base’s generators to self-destruct.

The party reunites, and we take off to the generators. As Yan sets things to go boom, the C&C room fill up with Sand Troopers. Yan seals the blast doors, and the party escapes through some ventilation ducts.

We encounter a commander-type stormtrooper with some backup, but he didn’t bring nearly enough army with him, and they all die fairly painfully.

Back at the hangar, we split up into a few ships. Jade, an X-Wing, and an A-Wing. 

Tenth Session
Boom today! And probably boom tomorrow!


We arrive at our base as the Imperial forces start coming in. Our communicators ping as our ship is getting refueled/serviced, and we’re sent to navigate a bunch of tunnels, set up explosives, and get ready to crush the incoming AT-ATs with landslides.

The tunnels are tricky, and we’re asked for help by soldiers caught in a landslide, as Imperial attacks rain down.

We briefly split the party, with Ry and Morduu staying behind to help the landslide. The rest of the party encounters a Doran-Enok(Lizard of Unusual Size), and kill it. 

We find some gunner seats, and Dir Lop pew pews!

We make it to the right place for the boom boom, and take out 4 AT-ATs out of the 6 that are approaching.

The Sand Troopers emerge from the AT-ATs, and take fire from our antipersonnel weapons, before we return to the hangar to GTFO Dodge.

Ninth Session
A title crawl? Aw, shit.

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, we’d stolen a ship and were on our way back to the base.

We’ve hit the 100 Duty barrier, so we level up with the Rebellion, getting promotions and some land-travel gear TBD.

While back in base…

Res is working on his jetpack flying.

Dir Lop is helping out with the ship, and is getting his e-web back.

Tuka hangs out, talking to Urel.

Morduu – is drinking and collecting rumors.

Cado helps with the ship, throws rocks at Res, and keeps an eye on Dir Lop.

Yan helps out with the ship, and does research on technologies that might help the Rebellion.

The Jade Dragon gets all fixed up, and we’re assigned to what should be a milk run to the ruins of Alderaan. 

We make it there safely, and launch a tribute capsule in the specified manner.

Our contact ship arrives, and we grab a bunch of supplies, and head back to Arda One. When we approach the Gauntlet(entrance to the base) the music changes, and…


The transponders that normally guide us through the Gauntlet are down, so we have to fly in using Visual Flight Rules – en route, we get attacked by the lizards that live in the canyon – 3 meters tall with a rumored ability to spit acid, and wings, because fuck you that’s why. Doran-Enok, is what they’re called.

Yan and Res come up with a plan to blast the Doran-Enok with radio waves, as they seem to communicate and/or emit RF frequencies.

Back at the base, it’s not the lizards fucking with the comms, it’s something else. This could be linked to the Imperial hunt for the ongoing rebellion. We’re sent out on small speeders for patrol. While on patrol, we discover a small Imperial-marked device that is the source of the jamming. We phone it in to base, and are ordered to investigate another anomaly in a different sector. That turns out to be one of the same espionage droids seen in Ep. V, and after we kill it, an Imperial assault force appears – complete with Star Destroyers. 

6 large transports are ending at the end of the Gauntlet, disgorging troops. TIE Bombers are incoming. Two squadrons of regular TIE Fighters. The Imperial Transports are Theta-class AT-AT carriers, each with one walker aboard. One squadron of TIEs includes some of the new Interceptor models. 

We report this in and are ordered to haul ass back to base. Yan and Rys manage to turn the Imperial beacon back on, and toss it out to try to rile up the lizards to give the Imperials a warm welcome.

We make it back to the base, and it’s an anthill swarm of activity. The entire base is scrambling to begin evacuating, since nobody wants to be here when the Imperials actually arrive.

Eighth Session
A Pirate's Life for We...

We open where we left – the PCs in a cargo box, hopefully on the right ship. We get transported around, then seem to settle. The party sneaks out of the box, and starts, roughly at first, sneaking around the ship we’re on.

We kill a couple of Stormtroopers who were in the hangar bay, then access a computer system and get a crew listing and schematics of the ship. The ship is big, 400 meters long, but there are fast-transit cargo tubes we can use…

We crash a cargo carrier into the guard station at the fore end of the cargo tube, and the guards quickly die. The Bridge was alerted and the Captain was able to scramble his crew into battle stations, but a brief firefight later, we have the bridge!

Yan commands the XO to sound general evac, and we drop out of hyperspace to let the crew and marines evacuate. And we take the ship back to the Rebel base!

Coincidentally, there was a specific crate we notice with various goodies for each of us! :D 

+15XP for everyone, +5 Duty.

Seventh Session
Clipboards are magic!

We’re being sent after the Perlemian Haul, a collection of rumors about a top secret Imperial trade convoy.

We’re to go to Martle Station and try to infiltrate a specific ship in the convoy – M-226. The target will be specified by Ryan later. It’s supposedly carrying a captured Rebel intelligence team, who achieved their primary objective but were captured on the way out.

Martle Station is a shithole around an even worse planet. An ancient platform has a small garrison, a small squad of TIE fighters, and corrupt officials. 

When we land on the station, Passik’s Oddities is where we’re pointed for … things. The owner is friendly, and our contact. He has uniforms for Imperial officers – lieutenants. 

Yan and Tuka bluff their way into the Imperial command center on the station, namedropping like mad, and get access to the command center. Everyone responds to barked orders, a clipboard, and names of superiors, after all… Tuka walks around, lifting data pads and getting data that will be useful to the Rebellion. Yan pokes at computer terminals while Jade raids everything it can get its hands on. There will be a large cargo transfer in approx. 10 hours. 

People do some shopping, then we get some sleep. 

The next day, we smuggle a remote-activated bomb into a cargo container full of paper goods, and seem to successfully stow away inside an empty one – we moved, and as far as we can tell, we’re on our target, M-226.

Sixth Session
Humor and skulduggery

Last game, we were ordered to find out who was responsible for the droid attack.

There was a modified restraining bolt from TTC on all of the affected droids, which seems like our best lead.

Teagan is in the Quimar Sector, and has a huge business in protocol droids. Teagan Tech Consortium just released its new model, a soft-shelled protocol droid marketed as a human-like android. The main race are the “short and mysterious Devon”, and their hearing mechanism is completely different from most species.

We navigate there uneventfully, and the spaceport seems disproportionately large for the planet – perhaps an attempt to bring in large cargo ships. Also, only natives and a LOT of droids around. A loooooot. 

We get to TTC, and a very helpful salesperson is… very puzzled by our request. He is able to verify that the “restraining” bolt we have is one of their products, but had been modified post-manufacture by its customer. A minor bribe, and we get the name of the buyer – Kwymar Automation LTD, here on Teagan. 

Kwymar is carefully groomed to appear deserted, but there are subtle clues that the place is active. Tuka and the sneaky sorts get inside, and see on the security system that the captain that sold us the droids had picked them up from Kwymar.

We infiltrate the warehouse, noisily, and sneak into attack position. A protocol droid orders us to come out with our hands up, and we settle for coming up with weapons drawn. We start shooting -blindly. And NOBODY manages to nail their perception check. “Holy shit, they have a rancor!” “That’s not a rancor, it’s a Sarlacc!” “You’re both wrong – it’s A FUCKING AT-AT!” We can’t see shit, but we still shoot well – and obliterate 4 protocol droids. The last remaining one has a full C-3PO hissy fit and freaks out running towards a very shiny shuttlecraft.

A zany chase ensues, with the droid running for the shuttle, Cado running after the droid, and Rys running after them both… meeting a squad of 5 Stormtroopers who were coming down the ramp to aid the droids.

There’s a heated shootout, and things get REALLY hairy when reinforcements come in – although the tide turns again when the first mate flees with the shuttle, the goods, and his pride. But we do capture the captain of the crew that sold us the droids. Except she’s not really a pirate, she’s an Imperial lieutenant in Intelligence – Hura Kogler, daughter of legendary Imperial Intelligence officer Hyndis Kogler. Her father will kill us if he catches us, so we take her with us!

We get a lot of useful data, and Alliance High Command rewards us with congratulations and commendations. And no money! No, we get money. 750 credits, most of us get +10 Duty, and +15XP.

Fifth Session
Cleanup in the Hangar Bay

We come in on the squad landing an escape pod in the aft hangar bay, crushing a number of the renegade droids in the process. The black hole looms close – we need to move fast. 

3 of the 5 droid shipping containers are here, lots of droids milling about. 

We try to send out a couple grenades, then burst out.

We manage to get Yan and Dir Lop into the Y-wing. Yan fires the Y-wing’s forward-mounted cannon, taking out the tactical droid, and adding a bunch of structural holes to the shuttle it was sanding near. The rest of the droids go down quickly, although the Captain is concussed, and the engineering techs are liberated

The team heads to the Engine Room. We find more protocol droids holding the techs there hostage, and quickly take them down.

The engine room techs start trying to get the ship turned around and AWAY FROM THE BLACK HOLE

The ship takes a short hyperspace jump, and then pauses a while to recombobulate. The Captain summons us to her bedside in Med-Bay, and orders us to find out what happened.

Yan and (Kari) investigate the droid parts, and find out they had a modified behavior governor chip, similar to older networked combat droid models – possibly why they were so responsive to the tactical droid. They had a manufacturing facility on the planet Teagan.  Yan and (Kari) also manage to cobble together parts into a fully functional, factory-stock astromech droid, R2J6, aka Jade.

Fourth Session
When Droids Attack!

We meet with General Kraken via holo-communicator back on the Shadow Raptor. We’re thanked for our job(“You don’t know how badly we needed those droids.” We’re to be sent back to Arda 1, when the ship scrambles and its hyperdrive engages.

When the engines silence, the protocol droid in the room attacks us. We dog pile it, and then its head gets slagged. It was one of the droids that WE brought… And we’re locked in.

Before Yan can call to the bridge, it calls us, and a Lt. Hastings tells us that things are OK-ish… No, they’re not. We’re in a slow but uncontrolled descent towards a black hole, and life support + the engines are currently disabled. We also hear the ship become seized by the rest of the droids, in the game of the Galactic Empire…

The Captain calls us, and tells us the ship CANNOT enter Imperial hands. Yan rolls very well on engineering, and at least makes a good guess on how to repair Life Support, as a primary objective. Others – re-enable engines, disable Comms array, evacuate vessel, or if need be scuttle. 

Sneakily we sneak to the turbolifts, which don’t work, then down the ladders to Life Support. Dirlop deactivates the droids we find there, and we free the LS engineers. Reese patches them up, and the rest of the team works on getting the life support back online. We do it, although it’s not a great job, then begin the long climb up to Comms. 

In Secondary Comms, we disable one and blow up another droid. The general alarm/abandon ship notification is triggered, the comms folks are told to evacuate, and… we see a Y-wing shooting at the escape capsules. Tuka and Yan hack an R2 unit to talk the Y-wings into returning to hangar.

The crew get really fired up, and Leeroy Jenkins Primary Comms. They mostly die, but take out a few droids in the process. We are able to eliminate the rest of the droids, and get our distress signal out. The techs are EXTREMELY reluctant to destroy the Comms Array, but they are willing to arm up and barricade themselves inside. 

We see a droid take an escape pod to the aft section, where the engines are, and this gives us an idea. Yan pilots the pod, landing it on some unloader droids, but also noticed that the black hole outside is getting UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE.

Third Game
Wretched hives, droid thieves, and us.

We all suit up and meet with General Niall.

Yan Tovis checks in with Rebel Intelligence and gives them solid info on the best pieces of the Death Star to go looking for, and where they might have ended up. Sie’lar is the intelligence guy I spoke to.

The others hang out in the Canteen, gambling and telling stories, and making connections with other Rebels.

In the morning, Major Yalor(who greeted us when we arrived) comes to find us, and lets us know that our ship is going to take a while to fix – that damage was significant. A couple days later, we’re summoned. We are to go meet with the Shadow Raptor, which is likely a ship.

The Spinster’s Loom, a shuttle, will be picking us up shortly.

We eventually rendezvous with the Shadow Raptor, which is the Alliance’s intelligence frigate for this sector. When we board, we’re greeted by Tay Coomsay, a Bosph.

Captain Hylo Sortuli welcomes us aboard. She’s a Mirialan. There’s a transmission waiting for us, so we retire to a conference room. General Airen Cracken greets us, telling us we’re being dispatched to acquire a large lot of Imperial droids from the privateer crew that… liberated them from an Imperial depot. Our budget is $4m credits. Shyndi Oglerk, Captain of the Contispex Crusader, is our contact. She’s a young human who recently took to piracy. She does have an Alliance letter of marque, so should be fairly trustworthy.

The intelligence came from Hammer Station, although it should not be linked to the Rebel Alliance yet. 

We end up at a place called Port Tooga, which is controlled by Shoola Hutt. Eventually, inevitably, we end up at a cantina called the Barvy Harpy.

Tuka defuses a concentration with an angry, drunk Woke, who then goes after OTHER people, setting off a big bar brawl. We meet Shyndi, and her first mate, Cog. 

There are negotiations, and Shyndi has a visible, angry reaction to the news that the Death Star has been destroyed.

The deal is completed(we saved the rebellion $300k!), we take ownership of the bots, slave the tug to the Spinster’s Loom, and take off for the Shadow Raptor.

+15 XP for everyone!

Second Session
Lasers.... In.... Spaaaaaaaaaace!

We are in the Jade Dragon, our YT-1300, escorting the Bright Hope away from Yavin-4, when a small wing of TIE fighters from a Ganzati-class carrier fly in.

Piloting goes well, and two TIE fighters experience rapid unscheduled disassembly events. 

We attempt to go to hyperspace, to find that last game, when Yan(Dave) checked the hyperdrive… she missed something. Hyperdrive no work!

More TIE fighters join the great debris field in the sky, and after some SERIOUS hijinks, we get the backup drive into gear.

Yan ends up repairing the hyperdrive, and 3 hull damage.

XP awarded! +10 for everyone.

Bennet, Jim, and Kari get +2 Duty Points.

We make it to Arda I base, check in with our contacts, and get assigned to quarters.


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