Yan Tovis

Chiss Scientist


Career: Engineer
Specialization: Scientist
Species: Chiss
Duty: Tech Procurement

BR: 2
AG: 2
INT: 5
CUN: 3
WIL: 2
PR: 1

Yan was one of the first Chiss to travel to the Republic after it made initial contact with the Chiss Ascendancy. As one of the Chiss’ most gifted engineers, she was eager to apply her skills to projects with the full resources of the Republic available – and she crafted wonders for the Republic. Gigantic trade stations, advanced power stations, spacedocks, hospitals – Yan designed them all.

Then the Republic fell.

WIth no family in the Empire, they had very little leverage over Yan – so a small Imperial strike force raided Chiss space and captured several hundred civilians. Yan was shown their prison, and told that the oxygen would be allowed to deplete to the point of fatal asphyxia unless she cooperated.

At first, it wasn’t obvious what Yan and the rest of the enormous engineering team were assigned to – even without military applications, the scale of Project Stardust beggared the imagination! Power conduits the size of Star Destroyers! Logistics space for nearly two million people! Just the trash disposal systems alone…

Eventually, it became obvious that the station was a weapon, but by then the engineers were so thoroughly cowed and demoralized that they just kept working. During a design review with Galen Urso, Yah realized that an exhaust port was critically undefended, and could be used to destroy the entire station. Yan smiled, and arranged to meet with Urso in a tiny sliver of un-surveilled space, and confronted him. He admitted the port was deliberately not protected, and Yan smiled.

She agreed to work with him to keep the design flaw a secret, even faking software reviews of the plans and leading meetings away from dangerous topics.

The murder of Urso and the rest of the senior staff was the final straw for Yan – she contacted a Rebel double-agent Galen had introduced her to, and fled to the Rebel Base. The Rebels were, understandably, highly suspicious of her, but her obvious rage at being indirectly turned into one of the most prolific murderers in the Galaxy convinced the Rebels of her hatred for the Empire, and her desire to turn its own technology to its destruction.



Yan Tovis

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