ToH Age of Rebellion

Third Game

Wretched hives, droid thieves, and us.

We all suit up and meet with General Niall.

Yan Tovis checks in with Rebel Intelligence and gives them solid info on the best pieces of the Death Star to go looking for, and where they might have ended up. Sie’lar is the intelligence guy I spoke to.

The others hang out in the Canteen, gambling and telling stories, and making connections with other Rebels.

In the morning, Major Yalor(who greeted us when we arrived) comes to find us, and lets us know that our ship is going to take a while to fix – that damage was significant. A couple days later, we’re summoned. We are to go meet with the Shadow Raptor, which is likely a ship.

The Spinster’s Loom, a shuttle, will be picking us up shortly.

We eventually rendezvous with the Shadow Raptor, which is the Alliance’s intelligence frigate for this sector. When we board, we’re greeted by Tay Coomsay, a Bosph.

Captain Hylo Sortuli welcomes us aboard. She’s a Mirialan. There’s a transmission waiting for us, so we retire to a conference room. General Airen Cracken greets us, telling us we’re being dispatched to acquire a large lot of Imperial droids from the privateer crew that… liberated them from an Imperial depot. Our budget is $4m credits. Shyndi Oglerk, Captain of the Contispex Crusader, is our contact. She’s a young human who recently took to piracy. She does have an Alliance letter of marque, so should be fairly trustworthy.

The intelligence came from Hammer Station, although it should not be linked to the Rebel Alliance yet. 

We end up at a place called Port Tooga, which is controlled by Shoola Hutt. Eventually, inevitably, we end up at a cantina called the Barvy Harpy.

Tuka defuses a concentration with an angry, drunk Woke, who then goes after OTHER people, setting off a big bar brawl. We meet Shyndi, and her first mate, Cog. 

There are negotiations, and Shyndi has a visible, angry reaction to the news that the Death Star has been destroyed.

The deal is completed(we saved the rebellion $300k!), we take ownership of the bots, slave the tug to the Spinster’s Loom, and take off for the Shadow Raptor.

+15 XP for everyone!


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