ToH Age of Rebellion

Second Session

Lasers.... In.... Spaaaaaaaaaace!

We are in the Jade Dragon, our YT-1300, escorting the Bright Hope away from Yavin-4, when a small wing of TIE fighters from a Ganzati-class carrier fly in.

Piloting goes well, and two TIE fighters experience rapid unscheduled disassembly events. 

We attempt to go to hyperspace, to find that last game, when Yan(Dave) checked the hyperdrive… she missed something. Hyperdrive no work!

More TIE fighters join the great debris field in the sky, and after some SERIOUS hijinks, we get the backup drive into gear.

Yan ends up repairing the hyperdrive, and 3 hull damage.

XP awarded! +10 for everyone.

Bennet, Jim, and Kari get +2 Duty Points.

We make it to Arda I base, check in with our contacts, and get assigned to quarters.


ryantrottierp daveqat

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