ToH Age of Rebellion

First Session


The game begins as we witness the Death Star’s destruction. We are given 5 hours to evacuate the base.

(Kari) starts working on copying/destroying intel, accompanied by (Dave). (R2) and (Quill) head to the armory to start gathering weaponry. (Bennet), as commander, starts coordinating. (Jim) begins prepping to assist with incoming wounded.

We don’t have a ship yet.

During the scramble that follows, weapons and intelligence and tools are gained, wounds are treated, some problems are fixed on the ship, and we witness the return of the fighters and the Medal Ceremony.

We scramble to our assigned YT-1300, although there is no astromech droid. We hear the Imperials landing, and take positions in our ship. Stormtroopers enter the hangar, and immediately start blasting our asses. R2, Quill, and Bennet kill 9 Stormtroopers with the assistance of some Rebel troopers.

Amazingly, we don’t die jumping to hyperspace. And we leave it there!

First Session

I would note, you haven’t even left the hangar. You fixed an otherwise botched astronavigation check.

First Session
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