ToH Age of Rebellion

Fifth Session

Cleanup in the Hangar Bay

We come in on the squad landing an escape pod in the aft hangar bay, crushing a number of the renegade droids in the process. The black hole looms close – we need to move fast. 

3 of the 5 droid shipping containers are here, lots of droids milling about. 

We try to send out a couple grenades, then burst out.

We manage to get Yan and Dir Lop into the Y-wing. Yan fires the Y-wing’s forward-mounted cannon, taking out the tactical droid, and adding a bunch of structural holes to the shuttle it was sanding near. The rest of the droids go down quickly, although the Captain is concussed, and the engineering techs are liberated

The team heads to the Engine Room. We find more protocol droids holding the techs there hostage, and quickly take them down.

The engine room techs start trying to get the ship turned around and AWAY FROM THE BLACK HOLE

The ship takes a short hyperspace jump, and then pauses a while to recombobulate. The Captain summons us to her bedside in Med-Bay, and orders us to find out what happened.

Yan and (Kari) investigate the droid parts, and find out they had a modified behavior governor chip, similar to older networked combat droid models – possibly why they were so responsive to the tactical droid. They had a manufacturing facility on the planet Teagan.  Yan and (Kari) also manage to cobble together parts into a fully functional, factory-stock astromech droid, R2J6, aka Jade.


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