ToH Age of Rebellion

Eighth Session

A Pirate's Life for We...

We open where we left – the PCs in a cargo box, hopefully on the right ship. We get transported around, then seem to settle. The party sneaks out of the box, and starts, roughly at first, sneaking around the ship we’re on.

We kill a couple of Stormtroopers who were in the hangar bay, then access a computer system and get a crew listing and schematics of the ship. The ship is big, 400 meters long, but there are fast-transit cargo tubes we can use…

We crash a cargo carrier into the guard station at the fore end of the cargo tube, and the guards quickly die. The Bridge was alerted and the Captain was able to scramble his crew into battle stations, but a brief firefight later, we have the bridge!

Yan commands the XO to sound general evac, and we drop out of hyperspace to let the crew and marines evacuate. And we take the ship back to the Rebel base!

Coincidentally, there was a specific crate we notice with various goodies for each of us! :D 

+15XP for everyone, +5 Duty.


ryantrottierp daveqat

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